The Show Ponies Take The Reins

We just finished another fantastic night featuring The Show Ponies, an indie-bluegrass, old-time band. This show, like so many others, was intoxicating, leaving me and everyone I spoke to, quite high on life. However, not everything is rainbows and daisies for the band. Somewhere between the middle of the second set, Andi Carter, the lead female vocalist of the band let us know their her sister, Paige Vincent, was diagnosed with stage two cervical cancer while pregnant. The baby was delivered early, and fortunately, is doing fine, but mom could use some help. The band had to cancel their first week of shows on this tour. Here is a link from their Facebook wall announcing the news. Our show with them was in their second week – lucky us. At the moment, they are out of their “Buck You Cancer” tee-shirts, but stay tuned their Facebook page, and I’m sure they’ll announce when they have more.

Like all of the bands that play on our stage, The Show Ponies are resourceful, hard-working, and self-determined. They know that they can’t change everything, but they also know that they can do SOMETHING to affect the things that matter most to them. They’re not scared to take the reigns on this wild horse called life. The band is accepting donations that will help cover the cost of Paige’s medical bills, which are overwhelming. Personally, I can’t imagine dealing with news like this if I were pregnant and just beginning to feel like I’m starting to make some headway in my young life.

The people that come to our shows and visit are website are a big, loving, generous and simply awesome community of people that cares. We’re lovers, music appreciators, and huggers with a big appetite for culture and unique experiences. Let’s make this world just a little bit brighter and less scary for The Show Ponies, Andi Carter and her big sister, Paige Vincent.

I know my first two blog posts on our new web site have been quite sad, but I promise, I’ll have lots of happy things to post about. Stay tuned! <3 Jill Carletti

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