Featuring The Show Ponies for the first time in Hawley, PA this upcoming Sat, Aug 13! Jackie Morris from FolkWorks.org wrote the excerpt below. Read the full article here.

“Featuring all-original songs, The Show Ponies have literally galloped into the Americana indie arena with a fast-paced sound, evoking overtones of bluegrass and old time country music, and adding a dynamic, percussive edge. Led by songwriting collaborators Andi Carder (lead vocals and guitar) and Clayton Chaney (lead vocals and bass), the five Ponies also include three classically-trained musicians. They are: award-winning fiddler, Philip Glenn…innovative drummer, Kevin Brown…and the group’s original producer, Jason Harris, on banjo, guitar and vocals. We’re Not Lost also features guest artists Sarah McGrath on cello and David Burrows on double bass.

To say that each one of these musicians is outstanding is an understatement. But for me, what truly carries these songs is the combination of Andi Carder’s voice with that of Clayton Chaney. Both are strong, versatile vocalists, able to handle a wide range of moods, from comic to contemplative, from sorrow to sass. In addition, Carder’s beautiful voice is able to sail effortlessly into those sweet upper registers. But the real magic happens when their voices intertwine. Whether in a duet (there are a couple on this album) or in harmony, the result is incredibly satisfying.

The songs themselves are characterized by engaging melodies and lyrics that are rich in rhyme, rhythm and wordplay. Above all, they are largely upbeat. This is immediately apparent from the first second of the first track, Baby, I’m in Love with You, as it bursts into sound with Glenn’s fiddle at full-speed, soon to be joined by Brown’s no-nonsense pounding rhythm. It really does feel like you are being taken on an exciting, wild ride by these Show Ponies.”


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