We had Tall Heights with us twice before. Their music is simply breathtaking and their live performance is exceptionally unique. We’re so thrilled that they’ve been selected to play on Conan on Monday, Sept 26th at 11pm EST! The last time Tall Heights was with us, I was lucky enough to get to hear their song “Spirit Cold” before most. Me and the others who were among its first listeners knew it had special powers. Countless videos have been made featuring this song. The song hit the top 50 on Spotify’s global and USA lists. All of their music is incredible. This song opened the floodgates.

Often, after any given show, so many of you will say, “That was great! Please get them back!” in which I often sheepishly reply, “Yes, I think we can hopefully make that happen.” I’m sure this hesitation isn’t always completely understood. This should be easy, right? Well, not really. Often, artists may live in other countries or the mid-west and are just touring through and able to play our venue out of pure serendipity. Also, performers can experience great success and just simply get too big for our room. We think the writing might be on the wall for us concerning Tall Heights. We’re so excited for them and so happy to have been a stop in their journey. Maybe we’ll get them back in a bigger space!

We hope you tune into Conan on Monday, Sept 26th and watch this fantastic duo.


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