Music Collaboration & Creation Workshop - July 12 through Aug 16

For six Saturdays in July and August, Jason Merrill (www.jasonbrianmerrill.com) and Benya Barshai (www.barshaimusic.com) will be leading a workshop at Harmony Presents.

Project: Create is a workshop designed to break down the barriers of composition and improvisation. For young music students who are yearning to speak the language of music, these skills can seem scary. Our goal as instructors and as fellow musicians is to help these students to see that improvisation, collaboration, and composition are within their reach, and can be something they can carry with them in their careers as musicians, or as hobbyists.

Our local schools do a great job of expressing the fundamentals of music to students. However, improvisation and composition are oftentimes overlooked, due to strained budgets and time. Benya and Jason are eager to fill in these gaps to assist students in finding their own inner voice to create something substantial by the end of the course. Even students who are just learning can contribute something to the program, and learn the important skills helpful not only within the study of music, but life in general.

Jason Merrill is a graduate of East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Secondary Education – he is a local performer in three different acts and regularly composes his own music. Benya Barshai studied at Kutztown University and currently holds a degree in Jazz Guitar Performance and is involved with film scoring. Both instructors have extensive experience improvising, collaborating, networking, and composing original material. Their contrasting yet complimentary skillsets will serve them well in guiding participants through a collaborative workshop which will culminate in at least one of these possible projects:

Or any combination of the three of the above.

Workshop times and age range may vary depending on participation. We are open to all levels and all ages and will set up workshop times and configurations accordingly.

More information of the specifics of the program will be posted over the coming days before school is out.

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